A Stephenville-based manufacturing company is going international.
Actually, representatives of Pal-Con, Ltd. will make their second trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January to seal the deal on negotiations that could put a Texas-sized product manufactured in the Cowboy Capital on foreign soil.

The family owned and operated business set up shop in Erath County in 2006 and began expanding its operation just two years later, according to the company's president Randy Thompson who operates the business alongside his sister, Pal-Con Vice President Tamela Mund, and his nephew, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations Jerod Mund.
"We are from Stephenville," Thompson said, adding that prior to the relocation of the facility, Pal-Con was located in Godley, but the family moved the operation back home as soon as their client list and profits justified the move.
And another expansion is likely on the horizon as the company is working to forge business deals with a number of foreign entities, including the United Arab Emirates, a federation in the southeast region of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf, Qatar, and the nearby countries of Oman and Yemen.
The negotiations have put Pal-Con representatives face to face with federal authorities, including a minister of finance and presidential families.
But what exactly does the Stephenville-based company, headquartered on North U.S. Highway 377 have to offer leaders of the desert lands? Thompson said the answer is simple - conservation and prosperity.
Thompson said negotiations were facilitated by discussions between Pat Wilson, Pal-Con's international sales manager, and Arabian government and industry leaders focused on the future. Thompson also said Wilson already has his eyes on other prospects beyond the company's current operations which reach across the country, including prospects in Brazil and Russia.
"They have it figured out," Thompson said. "I was extremely impressed by their economic foresight. They realize their oil and gas resources are limited and will at some point run out. They are working to build an infrastructure that supports itself when the oil and gas is gone."
And that realization is what spurred negotiations with the Erath County company.
"That's where we come in," he said, adding that Pal-Con's product, massive gas turbine regenerators, are manufactured to minimize fuel consumption while maximizing turbine efficiency could save hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in fuel annually.
Thompson, Wilson, and Jerod Mund traveled to the UAE in November and introduced the Erath-built gas turbine regenerators to officials, and a return trip has been scheduled to "firm up" negotiations Jan. 8-16, according to Thompson, who said the previous trip and discussions with officials in Qatar were cut short due to a week-long celebration following the announcement that Qatar would host the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) World Cup in 2022.
According to Pal-Con, bridging the international waters is big news for the company. The economic impact on Erath, according to Thompson, includes the likely addition of more jobs locally.
In addition, Tamela Mund said 95 percent of the Pal-Con product is produced at the Stephenville facility from raw materials. She also said 98 percent of the more than 50 employees who man the operation are Erath County residents.
Meanwhile, Jerod Mund said as negotiations continue, the United States Commerce Department has agreed to assist in the effort. He said the Commerce Department was excited to help with the international business deal since the Pal-Con product is all-American.
"They have said they will help out any way they can," Jerod Mund said.
Pal-Con's headquarters is a 75,000 square foot facility, situated on 18-acres, which includes more growing room. Thompson said if the deal is signed, the next expansion will give back to Erath by seeking local contractors to get the job done.
"We owe a lot to our employees and the local community," Thompson said. "Things have just fallen our way, and that we owe above all to the good Lord."

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