What services do you perform during a change out?
During a complete change-out, PAL-CON, Ltd. performs removal and replacement of an existing regenerator, including:

- Regenerator Removal
- Regenerator Installation
- Associated Piping
- Insulation - Ducts
- Needed Repairs
What do you offer as far as general maintenance is concerned?
PAL-CON, Ltd. believes that "Good Maintenance Maximizes your regenerators Life and Efficiency".   PAL-CON, Ltd. offers an Annual Brazed Core Regenerator Maintenance Program.
What services are included in your annual maintenance program?
PAL-CON, Ltd. strongly recommends that you do everything possible to keep your regenerator units in good working order.  This is best accomplished by utilizing our Maintenance Program which includes thoroughly pressure washing and vaccuuming the unit.  This not only maintains the maximum efficiency of your unit, but it also helps to protect it from serious damage that would eventually cause the core to crack.
Does PAL-CON, Ltd. manufacture a regenerator?
Yes! PAL-CON, Ltd. has it's very own brazed core Gas Turbine Regenerator, the PAL-TEX.  The PAL-TEX Regenerator is the only brazed core regenerator on the market. The advantage to you is that the brazed core has a history of being more durable and dependable than any other heat exchanger.